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6th September 2010, 01:11 PM
What's the main belief or advice you've stood by throughout most of your life, which has guided and molded your personal character?

Here are 101 great advices from the web:

1. Think about the things you do have rather than the things you don't have.

2. Whatever you do have, you could have had less; someone else has had less.

3. Hoping for the best, whilst planning for the worst, means rarely coming out of a situation with nothing.

4. Situations will seldom turn out as badly as you imagine they will do.

5. Don’t worry about the unknown; it’s as likely to be good as it is bad.

6. Never lose your hope, even if you lose all else.

7. If you want out of anything, there's always a way out.

8. Nothing is impossible unless you accept it as impossible.

9. A good attitude will always make a bad situation better.

10. Never complain about anything that you can change.

11. It’s better to say nothing than to talk negatively.

12. The more positive you are, the more positive others are towards to you.

13. Great things won't happen every day but every day has the potential to be great.

14. Your present won’t always match up to your past but your future can surpass both.

15. Decide what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it.

16. Believe in your ideas and actions; follow them through without hesitation.

17. Endless preparation is worse than action without planning.

18. If you think you can then you can; if you think you can’t then you’re right.

19. Believe in yourself and you’ll be to deal with everything that arises.

20. Others will believe in you if you believe in yourself.

21. Hesitation results in missed opportunities; missed opportunities result in regret and dissatisfaction.

22. Do what you want to do; not with doing what others want you to do.

23. Say what you need to say, do what you need to do, and you’ll stop wondering what might have been.

24. You’ll regret not doing the things that you want to do but are scared to do.

25. Dealing with failure is easier than dealing with ‘what if…?’

26. Stop thinking about what is happening to you; start thinking about what you can make happen.

27. Having choices and making decisions is a privilege; don’t waste it by being scared of making mistakes.

28. You have to create for yourself; it’s no-one else’s responsibility.

29. 100% of things can be learnt if you apply yourself a 100% to them.

30. See situations through to their natural conclusions; never giving up because it’s difficult.

31. Dedicating time to things that you’re not passionate about is a waste of that time.

32. Confidence and motivation make anyone better at anything.

33. You don’t have to be the best at something to feel confident / proud about it.

34. Everything you do won't be a success but you'll be a success if you keep trying things.

35. Everyone is good at something and everything has the potential to make you a success.

36. Failing to achieve something in the past doesn’t mean that you’ll fail to achieve it now or in the future.

37. Failing something doesn't make you a failure.

38. The difference between winning and losing is trying again after you lose.

39. Achieving requires patience; it takes time and hard work.

40. Hard work and determination don't guarantee success but they give you as much chance as anything else.

41. Getting up and working hard gives you a chance; the more chances you give yourself, the more chances you have of success.

42. Look at the worth of the things you’re doing rather than the number of them.

43. There are always different ways of getting the same result; help yourself by having options and alternatives.

44. It’s up to you how you measure success (love, family, money, belongings, experiences etc.).

45. Know what you expect of yourself; meeting those expectations, and not those that others have of you, should be your aim.

46. Qualifications, awards and trophies show how you compare to the people around you; more important is how you compare to the standards that you set yourself.

47. Comparing yourself to others is unfair; everyone starts from a different position and each person has different abilities, resources and opportunities.

48. It's not about who wins or who is the most successful; it's about how much progress you make.

49. Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition; they’ll help you push for and realise your own.

50. Always be willing to meet new people; they bring new opinions, ideas and experiences.

51. There are others in the world for a reason; depend on them and let others depend on you.

52. Share and deal with your problems; hidden and left unattended they’ll only grow.

53. If you need help, ask for it; people like to help others.

54. Be available and offer assistance when you’re up as well asking for help when you’re down.

55. There are lots of people who smile, love and help others; find them and they’ll make your world a better place.

56. There are enough loving people around for you not to feel unloved.

57. Love and you’ll be loved; laugh and you’ll be laughed with.

58. Making others laugh gives them a break from every problem that they have; it’s a great gift to give.

59. Don’t hoard and hide the things that you have; everything is meant to be shared.

60. The more you get, the less others get; be prepared to compromise.

61. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

62. Collectively, the small things you say and do make a big difference.

63. Everything you say and do is relevant and has a consequence, affecting yours and others futures.

64. Think before you speak; give thought to the consequences of your actions.

65. What people do is more important than what they say.

66. People do things for reasons; not knowing or understanding them doesn't make them any less valid.

67. You don't have to be friends with everyone but you shouldn't abuse or take from those you dislike.

68. We are here to enjoy what is around us, not to stop others from enjoying what is around them.

69. For every bad person, there’s a good person too; spending time with the former means missing out on it with the latter.

70. Learn about yourself before learning about other things.

71. Always be willing to learn from other people; from what they say and what they do.

72. Don’t worry about unanswered questions; having the answers is not essential to enjoying the experience.

73. If you know that you're right, don't worry if everybody says that you're wrong.

74. Admitting you're wrong and changing your mind is better than continuing to be wrong.

75. You will make mistakes; see them as part of your education.

76. A mistake made twice is a lesson not learnt.

77. You take and improve from every experience; even the ones you don't enjoy.

78. Today is more important than yesterday or tomorrow.

79. Dwelling on the past means missing opportunities in the present and that adversely affects your future.

80. The easiest option is often to keep things the same, but the easiest option is rarely the best option.

81. Routines hold back progress; regularly change what you do or how you do it.

82. Change makes life interesting; if everything stayed the same you wouldn’t be learning.

83. To fight change is to fight nature; it’s a fight you can’t win.

84. Accept change and be prepared to change yourself.

85. It’s better to be yourself than to change to be like other people.

86. The only thing you can be certain of improving is yourself.

87. Making yourself a better person makes the world a better place.

88. See the world as a good place despite everything in it not being good.

89. Accept disappointment, failure and pain as a part of life, not the entirety of it.

90. Every life is made up of good and bad times; you’ll always be changing between the two.

91. Your bad experiences make you better appreciate your good experiences.

92. Your aim should be to be doing something you love, in a place you love with people you love.

93. You’re free to love anyone, anything or any place; no-one can take that away from you.

94. Value love, health, time and freedom above all else.

95. For everything that you want, consider what it will also take away from you.

96. You need something to eat, somewhere to sleep and someone to love; focus on these essentials and be happier for it.

97. Give what you can; take only what you need.

98. Whatever you need to enjoy your life is more important than anything else in your life.

99. An enjoyable life is preferable to any other life.

100. When you find what you're searching for, the costs and pains of the search become insignificant.

101. There's no one answer or principle that will guide you everyday


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