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7th July 2010, 02:20 PM
Like a lightning bolt

Like a lightning bolt
life thunders over me
I am bashed down
just when I think
that I am again on my feet again.

Time flies past much too fast
and the grey
sneaks into my dark brown hair
and between yesterday and now
I am slowly loosing courage

and like taking a track
I try to find the meaning
of my existence
and of life

but somewhere
I have lost the way
and over and over
I am lost in the backwoods

and sometimes when I see the stars
I am looking for a beacon
in the night above me,
but nowhere
I can find anything

as between now and remembering
the darkness
like a black blanket
wants to fold over me the whole time

but I keep on hoping
as if success and happiness
is just over the next hill,
but the journey is long
and my feet are sore
and it’s as if
I am walking alone through life

Gert Strydom </B>

7th July 2010, 02:22 PM
What Did I Say
What did I say that
was so wrong it
killed the thing we birthed

you and I, such friends in
summer and winter;
why was your season stronger than we
why could not all seasons be, together

you and I and our seasons
like many pages in a book
why cant I ask

Ray Noel </B>

20th September 2010, 08:17 AM
سلام... میتونم اینا رو ترجمه کنم و ترجمه شونو بذارم همینجا؟؟؟

20th September 2010, 12:51 PM
سلام... میتونم اینا رو ترجمه کنم و ترجمه شونو بذارم همینجا؟؟؟

ممنون عزيزم ...چرا نمي توني ...اتفاقا خيلي هم خوبه... [golrooz]

استفاده از تمامی مطالب سایت تنها با ذکر منبع آن به نام سایت علمی نخبگان جوان و ذکر آدرس سایت مجاز است

استفاده از نام و برند نخبگان جوان به هر نحو توسط سایر سایت ها ممنوع بوده و پیگرد قانونی دارد